Prime Solutions
A Software development Company having its compentancies in developing solutions related to the reatil Industry having its base in European Countries.

Esoft Technologies have allianced with them as development partners in INDIA and shall assist them in developing solutions and applications.
Varun Rasayan Software Solutions
A software development company having its expertize in chemical industry. Manufacturing sector has always been the major area of focus with regards to quality and quantity related solutions. The Company took the challange and developed an manufacturing ERP typically for the Chemical and related industries.

Esoft Technologies joined hands with the company as developing partner and have decided to take up the said challange of developing a fulfledged ERP solutions for the Chemical and related industries. Not only this the company has also now ventured with varun rasayan to develop jointly solutions for the garment manufacturing segment.

Esoft Technologies has the sole selling rights of the same all over INDIA and European countries.
Eiko Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
A Banking Solutions Provider scaling new heights in the internet era is focused on the banking segmentwith retail segment as our speciality. The company has been in the segment since 1984 and is still investing heavliy in content enrichment, features enhancement and technology upgradation.

To meet this challage Esoft Technologies has joined hands with Eiko Infotech to assist in develoing the tools and utilites that would be requied in the fast moving banking services.

Apart from this we at Esoft Technologies has also taken up the challange to market the same across INDIA and all over European countires.
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