Esoft, works on different “Business Models”, which is decided on mutual consent and a “Win Win” option for our customers. Some of the “Business Models”, we work on are; Fixed-Price, Time and Material Onsite/Offshore Model or mixed Model.

Discuss application requirements with management as well as end-users.
Analyze this information and build an application based on the specific criteria gathered during discussions.
Review and test the application with our client to ensure usability.
Refine the application based on this review process.
Deliver final application.

From conception to the various stages of execution and through the entire life cycle of the project, quality is the beacon that guides us. Esoft Technologies, knows businesses don't have the time to do an in-depth study of every possible Information Technology solution so we offer Information Technology consulting services to evaluate the needs of our clients and make sure they get the best possible return on their Information Technology investment. The consulting process begins with a thorough analysis of the client's business, including information infrastructure available. We have assisted several organizations set up quality functions within their Information Technology set-ups. Which is why software development for us is an engineering process, where technically proven methods are systematically applied to generate the best possible results in any given situation.
Designing applications with two users in mind (both new and advanced) can be challenging. It is thus important That an application be easy for the first time user to get up and running while at the same time providing advanced features for the user who is more familiar with an application. Esoft Technologies, thus incorporates the following guidelines in the development process assists in meeting this challenge:

Creating a pleasing-to-the-eye format that is easy to read and use while providing comprehensive information at the same time.
Providing a straightforward approach to information management while making advanced customization features available.
Including extensive on-line help providing detailed step-by-step instructions for working in an application.
Encouraging users to browse through the application to experience what the product can do while offering protection against data damage and getting "stuck" in the system.
Developing effective applications for today's business involves expert programming; the use of powerful technology.
Always keeping the end user in mind.

We believe powerful applications that are easy to use produce results through increased productivity.
At Esoft Technologies, quality is a way of life and the focus is to consistently exceed customer expectations by achieving excellence in all business and technical processes. In fact, meeting quality standards everyday and aiming for higher standards is what motivates Esoft Technologies in the field of quality solutions.

Each software project is monitored to ensure that the goals of being a prompt, qualitative, cost-effective solution are adhered to. The QMG (Quality Management Group) conducts periodic audits and inspections to instill product quality and process compliance throughout the project life cycle. Various metrics from the projects are collected and analyzed regularly. Organization-wide historical data is used to help projects plan and measure their performance.

Esoft Technologies, consistently adheres to various improvement activities like -processes for new technology areas, developing and piloting in-house tools, comparative studies on external quality practices and improving the organization metrics process database.
Testing & Support
Esoft Technologies, provides adequate resources and independent teams for software configuration management & testing on all projects. Our testing capabilities include:

Test Strategy And Test Planning.
Establishing Test Environments / Simulation.
Processes For Integration Of Multiple Modules And Software.
Unit, Integration And System Testing Processes, Templates And Metrics.
Proven Methods For Acceptance Testing At The Client Site.
Warranty And Support Services For Delivered Software.
Capture And Analysis Of Test Results And Defects.
Data Building, Installation And Replication.
Load, Stress And Performance Testing.
Analysis And Presentation Of Test Data To Establish System Performance.
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