Re Engineering
The newer technologies are emerging everyday and it is becoming essential for multi-location and multi- product business houses to re-engineer their application software for better performance, maintainability and faster returns on investment.

Esoft Technologies has a wide range of hardware platforms, excellent cross-platform skills and training facilities, to offer itself as the ideal Re-engineering / Migration service provider to customers with large information systems that need to be upgraded to current technology. We have built a Re-engineering Workbench, which is a unique collection of software tools to process systems containing large amount of base code data. This workbench, combined with an in-house developed and tested re-engineering methodology helps solve specific design or complexity problems and enhances maintenance productivity with provisions for future upgradability.

Esoft Technologies offers a choice of one or a combination of the following re-engineering services :
Language Conversions.
Code Splitting & Optimization.
Database & Platform Migrations.
Test-Bed Construction.
System / Acceptance Testing.
Reverse Engineering.
Down Sizing / Right Sizing.
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